Seeing is Believing – Ancient Faith for the 21st Century

We were delighted to a the call that the oldest Greek Orthodox church in Alabama was considering video streaming.


Ancient faith – Modern Methods

Holy Cross – Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church is the oldest of its kind in Alabama. Take one step into it’s breathtaking cathedral, and you will be overwhelmed by the sense of awe and respect for orthodox worship through the centuries.


But if you look carefully, hidden in the splendor of architecture, icons and stained glass, you’ll notice something you don’t expect. This church has a  state of the art multi camera system that streams its services live (and recorded) to the world.



Video with a Purpose

Music Alley staff understand that churches are first and foremost to helping communities deepen their relationship with God and seeing the influence of the divine nature impacting those around them.


The latest video technology is able to enhance these efforts by capturing the message and practices of a vibrant worshiping community and making them accessible to a broader audience.


For those unfamiliar with Greek orthodoxy, it’s a chance to learn what to expect before ever attending. For those committed to worshipping there, it’s the opportunity to participate at a distance when travel or illness makes being present impractical.


Other Benefits

Beyond the worship services, there is also the chance to stream and record special events in the life of the church. Loved ones from far and wide can witness baptisms, weddings and funerals when they are unable to make the trip to Birmingham.


And by creating categories of archived recordings it becomes an evergreen resource to enjoy sermons, special services and events long after they have been streamed.


Streaming helps people stay connected. Typically, connected people regularly volunteer and give financially to the work of the ministry.


One Size Does Not Fit All

Each church is unique. The size, the vision, the needs vary. We painstakingly design systems accordingly.


While training a group of volunteers to produce video streaming for the HCHT church, we were humbled when one of the priests who was attending the training thanked us for “understanding” them and helping them create a tool that fits who they are.


Introduce Us to your Ministry

We’d love to create a streaming system for churches around the south, including yours. Give us a call, and we can start a conversation about leveraging the power of video streaming for your ministry.

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