Active Instructor’s Portable PA Bundle – Coaches – Yoga – Dance – Marching Band


Bose S1 Pro and S1 Pro BagPack, OnStage Mini Adjustable Speaker Stand, AirWave HSD Slimline+DE head-worn mic and Sennehiser XSW-D Wireless transmitter/receiver set.


The ultimate light-weight, completely portable system for sports and activities of all kinds: football, baseball, basketball coaches, exercise and dance instructors, marching band directors or anyone whose job depends on being heard.


At the core of the system is the Bose S1 Pro… the loudest and highest quality sound weighing in at under 20 pounds, with a 14 hour lithium battery, bluetooth integration for playing workout music from your phone plus two inputs for wireless mics.


Setup is easy using the OnStage Mini Adjustable Speaker stand, that measures only 2 1/2 feet long when folded up and gets your speaker off the ground and projecting at its best.


Add the Airwave double ear headset mic that weighs less than a pair of glasses but keeps your mic where it needs to be for perfect sound.


Connect your mic to the Sennheiser XSW-D wireless system, for clear wireless connection up to 250 feet from the speaker. Both transmitter and receiver are battery operated and rechargable with an included USB cable.


The Bose S1, Airwave headset and Sennheiser XSW-D wireless system are easily stored and transported in the Bose BagPack designed specifically for this system.



Coaches for football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, softball.
Instructors for yoga, aerobics, spinning, dance, zumba
Teachers for marching bands, PE classes, concert bands, large choirs, playground supervision,
Rehearsal halls, lecture halls, conference rooms, bleachers, or any outdoor event

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