Bose L1 Model II / B1 Sub


Portable PA System with T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine/Loudspeaker Line Array, Powerstand, B1 Bass Module, and Included Carrying Bags


Set up the Bose L1 Model II onstage, and you won’t believe the amazingly clear sound it projects – to virtually every corner of the room. With nearly 180 degrees of consistent tonal coverage, each performer hears exactly what the audience hears. What’s more,

Bose L1 Model II with B1 Sub

  • Wide, uniform sound coverage
  • Deep bass from small enclosures
  • Light and easy

Wide, uniform sound coverage

The Bose L1 Model II system’s breakthrough Spatial Dispersion loudspeaker system produces wide, uniform sound coverage of nearly 180 degrees. It projects that sound onstage and throughout an audience of up to several hundred – with little drop off in volume and tone. The Bose L1 Model II system also features Articulated Array speaker technology for better tonal balance. The loudspeaker’s 24 vertically mounted drivers are precisely angled to create clearer highs and more consistent tone in the room. Even people off to the sides of these stage speakers enjoy well-balanced, detailed sound – all courtesy of the Bose L1 Model II.

Deep bass from small enclosures

Bose L1 Model II systems come with the B1 bass module to ensure more accurate amplification of lower notes for most voices and such instruments as guitars, keyboards, and various horns. The benefit of B1 bass modules is that they’re lighter and smaller than conventional subwoofers required for the same performance. And for even more bass, you can use a PackLite power amplifier and additional B1 bass modules.

Light and easy

The Bose L1 Model II power stand weighs only 24 pounds, and its four retractable legs make it very easy to transport and set up.The power stand also has a simplified control section; the single line-level input can be used with instruments, microphones, mixers, laptops, MP3 players or DVD systems.
All of the system’s components are also built to handle the road. That’s because the loudspeaker has a rugged, reinforced grille, and each package includes padded carrying bags for major components.

Bose L1 Model II All-in-one PA System Features:

  • Wide, uniform sound coverage, courtesy of Spatial Dispersion and Articulated Array speaker technologies
  • Integrated power amplifiers can provide clean, precise amplification
  • Includes B1 bass modules for rich low-frequency reproduction

Bose L1 Model II All-in-one PA System Includes:

  • L1 Model II Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker
  • Model II Powerstand
  • One B1 Bass Module
  • 4-pin Speakon cable
  • Carry Bags