Bose L1 Model II / Single B2 Sub / ToneMatch T4S Mixer


Portable PA System with T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine/4-channel Mixer, Loudspeaker Line Array, Powerstand, B2 Bass Module, and Carrying Bags


This Bose L1 Model II system combines Bose’s premier ToneMatch T4S Mixer with their leading line-array speaker system technologies. Set up the Bose L1 Model II onstage, and you won’t believe the amazingly clear sound it projects – to virtually every corner of the room. With nearly 180 degrees of consistent tonal coverage, each performer hears exactly what the audience hears. What’s more, you can use the ToneMatch T4S Mixer to optimize each source – plus add effects – for instant, studio-grade results with your Bose L1 Model II.